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Zen Watercolour Brush Set 833

Zen Watercolour Brush Set 833

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Zen Watercolour Brush Set833

Zen Watercolour Brush Set833 contains: Black Goat Mop 1” • Pointed Oval 1/2” • Stiff Scrubber 2 • Angular 1/2” • Liner 4

The Zen Series 83 is comprise a blend of soft and stiff synthetic hair and soft natural hair. They are ideal for watercolor, inks, and fluid acrylics. They are the perfect combination of softness and strength, designed to hold generous amounts of water and color. Great resilience ensures delicate or bold strokes can be made easily. The silver ultra-metallic ABS handles can soak in water without swelling, cracking, or chipping and offer a beveled scraper edge for highlighting, burnishing, scraping, and color removal.


Hair: Synthetic Filament, Natural Hair
Ferrule: Anodized Aluminum
Handle: Silver Acrylic, Beveled Edge
Length: Standard Short Handle

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