Printing Disclaimer

The quality of any prints we produce is completely dependent upon the quality of the original document be it hard copy or a digital file. We will do our best to produce the best quality print from the documents supplied, but cannot be held responsible if the quality is found to be unacceptable due a poor original source.

The success of colour reproduction is dependent on the complexity of the image, the number of colours, and the presence of colour gradients. Note also that the colours you see on the printed documents may vary considerably from those seen using a digital camera, computer or other imaging device.

The size of the printed copy is determined by the instructions provided with the original documents (either through email, written instructions, telephone or otherwise).

Documents required to fit a specific paper size may not retain the original proportions. Low quality pictures may become pixelated on enlargement. We will advise as to the maximum size. Wider or taller images may not fit exactly onto standard paper sizes and may leave a margin on two of the sides.