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Custom Sublimation Transfer

Custom Sublimation Transfer

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  • Email us your ‘PRINT-READY’ graphic(s), or artwork to: with your order number.

  • Accepted file type(s): PDF

  • File Size / Resolution: 300 d.p.i or higher.

  • Do not mirror/reverse your images. (We do that for you.)
    *If imaging 'non-mirror' substrates (cutting boards, glass tile, etc), let us know.

  • Dye Sublimation DOESN'T have White ink and DOESN’T image dark / black fabrics. Any white in your graphic will be void of color (no ink). *Shirt color will show in white areas of your graphic.

  • Dye Sublimation works with WHITE or LIGHT COLOR polyester fabrics or hard goods SPECIALLY COATED for dye-sublimation technology. 100% poly will provide the best, most vivid, full-color results. Polyblend fabrics are usable however the results will be a much lighter, more vintage look.

  • 100% cotton, hemp, wool, or natural fabrics WILL NOT image with Dye Sublimation.
  •  NO IRON!! Sublimation transfers are not iron-on transfers! A heat press is required!
  • Transfers can only be used once.
  • We do not charge extra for gang sheets (multiple files on the same sheet). Fill up your transfer area however you need - with the same images, different images or one large image. It is totally up to you!
  • Your transfers will only turnout as good as the files you use. If you desire to use a low quality, blurry, internet-size graphics (72dpi or less) you will receive less than ideal transfers. If you are unsure of your files quality, PLEASE ask questions and/or send us your file(s) PRIOR TO ORDERING for us to evaluate the quality.

  • NO refund policy on custom sublimation transfers unless incorrect transfers have been shipped. 
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