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01 Be Kind Stacked - Packing Sticker

01 Be Kind Stacked - Packing Sticker

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Our stickers are perfect for a quick and effective way to dress up your packages. When you ship out a large quantity of merchandise it is nice to give each item a personal touch, as if the item has been hand-touched by a real person.

Our stickers can be used on boxes, bubble wrap, paper, cardstock, basically anything you want. Stand out from other shippers by giving your customers a nice touch that shows that their package was cared for.


  • Sold by Set of 3 Sheets
  • Total Quantity of Stickers per set: 90 Stickers total
  • Approximate Sticker size: 1.5"x1.2"
  • Laser Printed on White Matte Sticker Paper


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